Nepal Development Fund (NDF) is committed to the environment, to combat climate change, and to reduce both its direct impact through the use of natural resources in its internal operations, and its indirect impact through its investment activities.

Environmental sustainability is a key part of NDF’s social responsibility efforts. The fund has established environmental policies, goals, and practices to help guide its activities, which range from participation in conservation initiatives in communities across the country to commitments to well-recognized domestic and international standards and reporting agreements.

Public Transport Day

The last Friday of every month is observed as “Public Transport Day.”

On this day, every staff member including the CEO, abandons the use of their private transport and takes public transport to commute to office and back.

Green Office

The fund is committed to having a completely green and eco-friendly office in the near future, and it hopes to pave way the way for other institutions to follow as well.

The fund will ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to reach the goal of having a green office. As an important first step, it has been encouraging remote working instead of face-to-face meetings.